2012 Homework Helper Websites 

5TH Graders evaluate websites based on criteria (What makes the author an expert?; When was the site last updated?; Do the links work?...etc).  See what they recommend:


BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper Website  http://bjpinchbeck.com

I would like for people to use BJ Pinchbeck's website because all of the links work and there are absolutely no errors he gives his email and you can read it all and all of his information is useful website also shows when he is on line and off .
      Avery J

I would choose BJ Pinchbeck for home work and/or research because at the middle of the page was his picture and info, at the side of the page was his contact, the date last updated and no dead links. BJ Pinchback-YES!!!
     Joseph A

BJ Pinchbeck created this website that is called http://BJPinchbeck.com.  This site was last updated 6/1/2011. You can find his e-mail in the green box on the right. You can also chat with him in the same green box also on the right. It tells you if BJ is on or offline. I recommend this website because it is great for helping homework!
     Allison B

I would definitely use B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper because it gives good information, it gives background about the author, and it’s easy to navigate. All of the links work and are readable. I think this website is terrific!
     Destiny C.

BJ Pinchbeck HW helper is a great website. I would use this website because it has great facts about anything you are looking for. Almost every link worked, the author is very clear,the date is at the bottom. I would definitely bookmark this site.
     Annabel T

I would use BJ Pinchbecks website because it's updated often. It has lots of info and if you ask me I would say it is really helpful. It has info about every subject.
     Ben J.


Fact Monster  http://factmonster.com

I would use the website fact Monster to research a project because it has useful information, lots of links, great reccomendations, and if you ever happen to have a complaint, its very easy to contact the maker of the wonderful website, Fact Monster. 
     Soleil G

For all the people that need help with homework I recommend http://www.factmonster.com/homework/.   The site has no dead links, writing was not too small, most of the site was very useful for students to freely use. The site is very easy to navigate around so you can find what you want to when you want to. I highly recommend this site.
     Matthew W

Fact monster is a good website for doing research because it has useful information and all of the links work. Also it is very easy to find what you need and there are no spelling errors. The authors name is given also. I reccomend this website for any research you need to do for homework.
     Valerie S

Fact Monster is a great site though not much information can be found about the author. There is useful information about geography, history, language arts, math, science, and social studies. Fact Monster was last updated in 2012. This site will certainly help me in the future
     Alyssa G

The thing about http://factmonster.com  is that it is an awesome website to go to because you can see history and games and also puzzles.

Fact monster is a good website because you can learn about all the subjects we supost to learn in 5th grade. you can learn about stuff you never herd before and if you need help you can look on this site.I hope every body loves this site.

Fact Monster is a website with world information, Math facts and more. It also has an Almanac, Encyclopedia, Dictionary and a Thesaurus. It is really fun to explore and play around on. I really enjoy this website.
 Brianna R

http://www.factmonster.com/homework/ I would research on this website because there lots a lot of good facts and work to do. Plus there is lots of activity to play. And facts, the best thing to help you study for anything.  It is a good website to us for research and to study on.
     Noah C

http://www.factmonster.com is awesome because it tells you information about things you do not know about

John D. - Fact Monster is a good web site because it has useful information and all of the links work and it is updated. Fact Monster also has games that help you in any subject.
     John D

Fact Monster is a great website because it shows up everything that you have might learned or you didn’t learn but you will learn if you go on this. Also I really enjoy this website.
     Demaris G

Yes.  Because if I have a hard time on a subject, I can go to Fact Monster. And look it up for that subject. This website is a good website for 5 graders because it has 5 grade subjects. The date was very easy to find.
     Gini T


Homework Spot  http://homeworkspot.com

I enjoy http://www.homeworkspot.com/  because he has subjects and information about himself.  He has no errors so you can read and has good grammar.  I think you should get on this website because it could really help you get better grades!!
      Lily D

http://www.homeworkspot.com/ is a great place to go because I can easily find my way around. He also is a Graduate. I really think this is a good site to go to.
     Amy W


Fun Brain  http://funbrain.com

Fun brain is so cool. I  would use research for this web site because it has many cool educational
games and facts about games.  I loved rating this website. FUNBRAIN is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Patrick T








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